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The hoon around the week to July 24
The hoon around the week to July 24
Peter Bale & Bernard Hickey ‘hoon’ around the week’s news, including closer looks at Liz Truss as the next British PM; Ukraine's success with rockets; the future of inflation and interest rates

TLDR: This week, Aotearoa-NZ’s annual inflation rate rose more than expected to 7.3%, which restarted the debate about who was to blame and what should be done about it, as I wrote in Tuesday’s Chorus. Meanwhile, Europe finally tightened its monetary policy, but faces the potential for another debt crisis, as I wrote in Friday’s Chorus.

In the climate crisis, I wrote in Monday’s Chorus about performative declarations of climate emergencies by politicians and why they can’t now be trusted. In Wednesday’s Chorus, I wrote about growing fear of another house-building bust and why that’s both a long term problem and a symptom of our political economy’s structural failings.

In Friday evening’s live hoon webinar for paid subscribers, which is in recorded form above for all subscribers, I took a lap around these issues and more in geopolitics and the global economy with co-host Peter Bale.

We talked about:

  • who Liz Truss is and why she might become Britain’s next Prime Minister;

  • how the ground war in Ukraine is now playing out;

  • whether inflation is really peaking;

  • whether the Reserve Bank here can be blamed for high inflation;

  • how the Auckland Mayoralty campaign is playing out.

Here’s Peter’s Weekly World Bulletin email newsletter for more background.

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The Kākā by Bernard Hickey

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Bernard Hickey's discussions with Peter Bale and guests about the political economy in Aotearoa-NZ and in geo-politics, including issues around housing affordability, climate change inaction and child poverty reduction.

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