I have read that the grain farmers will have their grain prices cut by 2/3 which is really just serfdom and that is if shipments get through or are prepared to take the non insured risks which is unlikely. Why they don’t have land based train routes to ship I don’t know. But another delaying tactic which in effect is meaningless and performative by Turkey and Russia’s leaders? We see this all the time from politicians and “bad actors” everywhere and I think you are right this is because of the oil industry profit and power and the fact they really don’t care how many people or how much of the planet they kill. So war is a distraction that resources them, as are so many other atrocities and they really are crimes against humanity that should be prosecuted as such in the fullness of time. I’m hopeful we will see through it more and more and get these things prosecuted instead of leaving it to those allowed through the system because they’re useful idiots. In terms of printing money Bernard there would be none if they didn’t print it it the problem being they funnel it to business and corporates meaning the taxpayer pays for it twice and with various other levies and taxes thrice and the list goes on. So that clearly has to stop with major and bold reform. Agree that being resilient and self sufficient has to be the priority now. If business needs to do global business it’s up to them to do so unassisted, just regulated, for the public good in my opinion. The Governments job is simply to work for the public within its borders primarily and not much else and we own the Reserve Bank and Treasury.

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As for the UK I’m all for Liz Truss just because she’s a woman and, whether anyone wants to admit it or not, all these nightmares are done by them over the past few hundred years and effect women and children the worst. So really when you look around with a critical analysis they couldn’t have done any worse despite their heroic efforts to obfuscate that single fact.

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This Sunday's TVNZ Q&A

Paul Conway, the new chief economist for the Reserve Bank, talks about whether the housing market is still the rock solid investment vehicle it so recently has been.


"Housing may not be the one way bet it once was"

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RE: lazy journalists using old footage of cars in wellington ...

You think that is bad, check out this Today FM tweet - scroll up from


Photograph: ER Productions Limited/Getty images



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This Sunday's TVNZ Q&A

Departing director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield sits down with Q+A for an exit interview covering a remarkable period in New Zealand’s history.


John Burn-Murdoch @jburnmurdoch

15 Mar 2022


"’I'm not sure people appreciate quite how bad the Covid situation is in Hong Kong, nor what might be around the corner.

First, an astonishing chart.

After keeping Covid at bay for two years, Omicron has hit HK and New Zealand, but the outcomes could not be more different."

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Leo would be a dreadful, dreadful mayor and would make most people want to run a marathon to get away from him. However Sir Graham Henry on Waiheke Island seems to be the only human in the country to think Leo is a kindly, lovely chap. See Leo's fb film about his jaunt to the Surfdale Bowling Club on Waiheke. Whoever took the film did a lot of edits and didn't show much of his nastiness. I think he is a little like that wizard in LOTR who is capable of small evils. Anyway, he clearly has dosh and backers which is concerning.

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