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Thursday’s Chorus: Brace for a 20% price jump

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Thursday’s Chorus: Brace for a 20% price jump

REINZ data shows house prices bouncing in anticipation of National-ACT win; 1NewsVerian poll confirms National-ACT can win alone; In my view, residential land prices jump 20% on Oct 15 if polls right
The election may mark the definitive finish line for the house price slump, with already-rising prices expected to jump dramatically if National-ACT win. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The Kākā

TL;DR: First home buyers and landlords are staring down the barrel of an immediate 20% jump in residential land values on October 15 if the last of a swathe of polls this week showing a clear National-ACT win on October 14 prove to be accurate.

REINZ figures out yesterday (full report below) confirmed buyers have a whiff of what land values would do after:

  • the immediate removal of interest deductibility for landlords’ tax bills;

  • the shortening the bright-line test for capital gains taxation for landlords from 10 years to two years;

  • immediately stopping Kainga Ora building and freezing public transport spending, which would also freeze multiple large rental property development plans;

  • allowing foreign buyers over $2 million back into the market;

  • tightening fiscal policy, which in theory should take pressure off interest rates; and,

  • further ramping up migration numbers from the already-record-high 96,300 in the year to July.

The open homes and auctions in the days of spring after a change of Government will unleash a wave of FOMO buying and unlock a swathe of sellers waiting for prices to return to the CV levels recorded at the peak in 2021, in my view.

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The smell of blood in the real estate water

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