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Seymour sees more joy in faster driving, not accidents, road damage or emissions

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Seymour sees more joy in faster driving, not accidents, road damage or emissions

120km/hr speed limit proposed without checking human, financial or climate costs; Coal use up 99% in Q1, but big jump in solar, wind softens emissions jump to 21.5%; Job ads slump to 2016 low
Seymour said lower speed limits “drained the joy from life as people were forced to follow rules they knew made no sense.” File Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The Kākā

TL;DR: My six things to note in Aotearoa-NZ’s political economy around housing, climate and poverty on Friday, June 14 were:

  1. The National/ACT/NZ First Government is proposing a 120km/hr speed limit without checking the human, financial or climate cost to the public and Crown accounts;

  2. Coal burning to generate electricity rose 99% in the March quarter, but the jump in emissions was limited to 21.5% because of a surge in solar and wind generation;

  3. More than half of the promised 500 increase in police numbers have already left for salaries in Queensland of up to A$130,000 and a A$20,000 moving bonus;

  4. Banks here will face pressure to lower their fixed mortgage rates a bit this month after a slide in US interest rates this week because of lower-than-expected inflation there;

  5. Battery prices have almost halved from China’s big factories in the last 18 months, creating an opportunity to electrify Aotearoa-NZ with solar and wind in a less volatile and cheaper way; and,

  6. Job ads have fallen more than 30% in April and May from a year ago, sucking total ads down to levels not seen since 2016, outside of the covid lockdown weeks in 2020 and 2021.

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Six things to note this morning

1. Coalition proposes 120km/hr limit on some roads

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