Our Covid crisis' awful inflection point

The week that was for the week's end for paid subscribers, along with an invite to the weekly 'hoon' at 4pm with Peter Bale; Covid cases set to double; Govt to allow home isolation for community cases

TLDR & TLDL: This is the week Aotearoa-NZ’s Covid crisis hit an inflection point, and not in a good way.

Essentially, the trajectory of cases in the last seven days has forced the Government and the nation to brace for widespread community outbreaks that:

  • outrun the trackers and tracers;

  • unleash a surge of hospitalisations that could overwhelm our ICUs; and

  • trigger an earlier end to border restrictions.

This was the week our Covid response tipped over the edge into a full crisis that has:

  • ended any hope the delta variant can be eliminated;

  • ended up that our rising vaccination rates would be enough to prevent large scale outbreaks and hospitalisations;

  • significantly reduced the chances the North Island will be able to relax travel restrictions before Christmas; and

  • may yet trigger a much, much harder border between the North and South Islands.

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