News Zealand Over The Horizon

Bernard Hickey and Peter Bale take a 'hoon' around the week's geo-politics on inflation, interest rates, a (possibly) Russian smoking gun on Trump & the tragedies of Afghanistan, Somalia and Tennessee


In this week’s hoon (collective noun for Kākā) around the worlds of geo-politics with Peter Bale, we look at the latest on inflation and interest rates in the United States and Aotearoa-NZ, take a sceptical view on a (possibly) Russian smoking gun on Trump, and talk about the tragedies of Afghanistan (America’s withdrawal), Somalia (civil war) and Tennessee (the state’s Republican Government banning vaccination education for Children).

As always, this Hoon is done off the back of Peter’s World Weekly Bulletin email via The Spinoff. Sign up for it here.

We talk in particular about the growing diversion between the views of inflation and interest rates between New Zealand and the rest of the world, and of the dangers we all become isolated from geo-political events the more we stay stuck behind our borders.

I refer to an excellent BBC Radio 4 weekly Friday Night Comedy podcast.

Enjoy, and we welcome your suggestions for next week’s edition.