Lunch Chorus: Climate 'plan' ridiculed

Two years after the Zero Carbon Act passed and a fortnight before Glasgow conference, Aotearoa-NZ still does not have a serious plan to reduce emissions or a commitment to take to Glasgow

TLDR & TLDL: Climate Minister James Shaw is about to jump on a plane to fly to the Glasgow climate conference without a plan to reduce climate emissions in line with the Zero Carbon Act, let alone a set of commitments big enough to avoid being punished by global traders for being a climate laggard.

Just over a fortnight before Aotearoa-NZ has to show the world it is not a climate laggard, our Labour-Green Government has failed to deliver a plan with specific and politically difficult proposals to reduce emissions. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / TheKaka

Shaw unveiled a draft set of ideas that fell short of meeting the Climate Commission’s recommendations for emissions and he is also yet to reveal the Government’s Nationally Determination Contribution (NDC) to take with him to the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) due to start in Glasgow on Oct 31 and run for two weeks. The Government recently changed its deadline for responding to the Climate Commission’s from the end of this year to May nex…

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