Dawn Chorus: Where are the vaccine mandates?

Hipkins says Govt is considering a vaccination mandate for most healthcare workers, but no suggestions of more formal legal backing for private 'No jab, No job', or 'No jab, no beer' policies. Yet.

TLDR & TLDL: The pressure is now on the Government to step up and mandate vaccinations for workers and customers in much of the economy to ensure a high enough vaccination rate to allow a safe reopening without the chaos of uncertainty over such mandates.

Bars, rest homes, shops and workplaces all over the nation are now wondering: can we refuse to serve our customers or employ our workers if they’re not vaccinated? Will the Government give us the air cover to do that? And will we know before we open up properly, potentially as soon as next month?

These are questions I’ll be asking today. I welcome your suggestions and comments below.

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PM Jacinda Ardern has challenged Aucklanders to lift their first-dose vaccination rate to 90% from 80% in the next 10 days before Cabinet has to decide whether to further relax Covid-19 restrictions in our biggest city and beyond.

Our economy and society now faces a race against time, delta and vaccine hesitancy if it wants to open up any time soon in a s…

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