Dawn Chorus: The PM's frustrating quest for optionality

Ardern again sidesteps quest for hard vaccination threshold; potential remains for lockdowns well into New Year if Govt waits for less-vaccinated communities to catch up, which PM indicates she might

TLDR & TLDL: PM Jacinda Ardern is continuing to shy away from setting a tangible vaccination threshold for reopening in Auckland and the rest of the country, which is frustrating many now shorn of elimination as a beacon of hope on the horizon.

Ardern’s deliberate strategy of retaining optionality with the Government’s moves when dealing with Covid-19 and considering opening up is increasingly frustrating to many. Photo: Lynn Grieveson/TheKaka

As Australia emerges from its restrictions in the coming weeks, Aotearoa-NZ could remain in lockdown until Christmas, or even beyond if the Government makes everyone wait for 90%-plus vaccination rates among the most-difficult-to reach groups in South and West Auckland, and in provincial areas.

Elsewhere overnight, Kris Faafoi rolled the temporary work visas for 8,500 working holiday and seasonal workers for another six months so they can work over the summer. Oil prices rose again overnight to seven-year highs as gas and coal shortages in Europe a…

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