May 17 • 5M

What to look for in Budget 2023

I'm in the Budget lockup in the Beehive &will publish a news summary & analysis at 2 pm. I'm focused on Budget 2023's inflation impact, plus tax tweaks & infrastructure spending

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After watching Robertson show off the Budget cover (featuring one of his own photos) yesterday, I am just about to enter the lock up to hear what the contents are. Photo: Getty Images

TL;DR: I'm about to go into the Budget lockup in the Beehive and will publish a news summary and analysis at 2 pm. I'm focused on Budget 2023's inflation impact, plus tax tweaks and infrastructure spending.

Paying subscribers can see and hear more analysis, detail and charts on the Budget expectations below the paywall fold and in the podcast above, as well as more on the other key news this morning in Aotearoa’s political economy. I’ll also be sending a news email to all subscribers shortly after 2pm with the key details and my analysis. Join us as a paid subscriber to join our Chat, get more detail and access to webinars, and be able to comment. You’ll also be supporting my work doing journalism in the public interest on housing unaffordability, climate change inaction and poverty reduction.

Elsewhere in the news this morning:

  • Nicola Willis rejected speculation business leaders want her to roll Christopher Luxon;

  • The Government announced a study of covenants as part of its response to the building products market study;

  • Auckland Mayor Wayne Brown softened plans for social services cuts last night;

  • A poll showed 53.1% want a wealth tax, which Grant Robertson noted in saying tax would be up for discussion in the election campaign; and,

  • The UN now sees a 1.5 degree warming within five years as probable.

What to watch out for in the Budget from 2pm

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