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The Super-Cheap Solar-Powered Car Is Finally Here!


"Who wants a cheap, simple EV that charges itself by the sun? Oh and you also want some moss on the dashboard? Well, you're in luck.

The new, production-ready Sono Sion is finally here. A year on from his visit to Sono HQ in Munich, Jack explains everything that's changed with this new final version and why you should be so excited about it."

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Germany and parts Europe, said one day, here is a good idea. Lets close down our super reliable nuclear and coal electricity generation facilities, those same ones that gave us international superiority in industrial and social cohesion, and lets replace it with very unreliable (read, don't have a clue what they will produce daily), high cost so called "green" energy production, and we can top that up with gas from our most detested neighbor, and coal produced power directly from Poland.

You get what the politicians plan, and the people pay the price once again.

You cant educate the stupid out of people, you simply give them more ideas about how to do more harm.

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Rishi Sunak


The top 10 percent of companies should be paying a higher share of tax and about leaving the bill or future generations.

He sounds like if he cannot get the job of PM & leader of the UK Conservative party, he is pushing for a higher up placement in the UK Labour party.

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While I have been on vacation, the global temperature chart for June was released. The result was 0.6C below the February 2016 peak temperature.

Perhaps we should ask James Shaw and Greta what they think could be causing the cooling. James always relishes the warming alarmist stories, but remains very silent when the temperature trend is cooling. I have tried, but no reply alas. So we are about 0.5C above pre-industrial temperatures, but still being cautioned about reaching 1.5C despite the cooling trend. Have a wonderful day.


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The length of time of infectiousness of COVID


"There is no data to support 5 days or anything shorter than ten days [of isolation]."

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Difficult podcast but utterly necessary & worth listening to

Talking Frankly Kōrero Pono

Fact vs Fake: Mis/Disinformation in Aotearoa New Zealand


"Join Chris Harris this month, with special guests Kate Hannah who is the founder and director of the disinformation project. Kate has undertaken extensive work on how information disorders relate to narratives and tropes of white supremacy, racism, extreme misogyny, the role of the media, and the impact of the infodemic on social cohesion, tolerance, and democracy.

Our second guest is Bryon C. Clark, Bryon is a video essayist, and oral historian. He has done extensive work on far-right groups in Aotearoa and is in the process of writing a book on the subject. "

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“Would a National Government have done any differently? I doubt it”

There’s the problem!

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Appreciate the shout-out to 'The Big Short' however hands-down the best movie about the events leading to and the immediate aftermath of the GFC is Inside Job: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1645089/

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Just to note - prior to Luxon calling for an inquiry yesterday, Chlöe Swarbrick raised the issue in February: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/politics/covid-19-omicron-outbreak-greens-chloe-swarbrick-calls-for-economic-response-inquiry/CXBYI2E2IO6K2EZWA2HY56XMEM/

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We just can’t have corrupt political parties under investigation and charges by SFO, as opposed to say women being intimidated out of pursuing their property, support and income rights via the property relationship act 1976 or other acts and being targeted by police accordingly in the domestic sphere or by use and neglect of children and DV , making decisions on banking tax public services and tax or giving taxpayer money to the private banks and big business without investing in people and planet and sustainable services and infrastructure which has been long deferred by both parties supporting instead inflationary price gouging and subsidies. Which is not a “free market” when lowest earning taxpayers foot the greater percentage of these giveaways.

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Thank you Bernard for pinning the politicians down to details. It cuts through the rhetoric of 'addicted to', 'crushed by', 'hurting' etc which i assume are attempts to emotionally manipulate. Keep doing what you do.

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Jul 27, 2022·edited Jul 27, 2022

Bernard, I’m slightly puzzled at your framing of Luxon’s call for this inquiry. Though as you describe it would be justified as serious questioning of RBNZ’s policy response to the pandemic is well deserved.

However, it doesn’t seem that the Opposition make this call out of a genuine desire to probe the implications of those policy decisions. As Robertson notably responded, they supported these moves at the time. There’s also more than a bit of fuzziness around exactly how the Opposition understand the RBNZ to have caused inflation. It certainly doesn’t seem Luxon has suddenly experienced an epiphany that the windfall asset price gain received by his target voting bloc is actually a massive social-economic injustice which should not have been allowed to happen. Let alone that it represented an apotheosis of NZ’s decades of economic policy. Instead, they’re portraying the issue as a stereotypical “tax and spend”.

This isn’t exactly a line of attack that takes the headline politics of economic policy in a new direction. I’m not entirely convinced this isn’t just an expedient line of attack lacking any genuine interest rethinking what got us here.

Besides, wouldn’t they just ignore any inconvenient independent findings anyway?

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Sorry siloing ^ darned word predict again on my tiny phone!

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"I also think the scale of the $20b in cash payments to businesses was too much, and not necessary after the end of the first lockdowns. Ultimately, those payments were put straight into the bank accounts of home owners,"

Hi Bernard, you're going to have to explain that one to me. I mean, I know a few businesses that took covid subsidies, and those payments went to their _employees_. And you've pointed out some other cases, where the payments may have gone to _shareholders_. But homeowners? Honestly, you're barking up the wrong tree there.

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