Decision cripples are just taking the mick no one can afford to do nothing and they should be getting the industries who knew the risks and produced and sold these polluting products anyway to have to pay. Anyone enabling this negligence is complicit for costs as well. There is no sacred class in a democracy that can’t be held to account by blaming their victims. What a shitty strategy. Sticking their heads in the sand. Causing untold suffering and private individual losses. A distinct lack of courage and morals. Sickening. They need to resource the individuals and communities to recover and repair the damage of all their woolly and over thinking and GET THINGS DONE that they have neglected to do. This is our lives and time (well-being ?? Haha) they’ve been stealing from us ALL wasting it all and the opportunities now.

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Consenting is often not the problem. Genesis received approval to build a 845 MW wind farm north of Marterton, in 2013 but has not. See https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/business/448948/amid-power-supply-scrutiny-genesis-not-planning-to-build-nz-s-biggest-wind-farm-at-castle-hill.

They have burnt coal at Huntly as it made economic sense for the shareholders (NZ Govt) and the current regulatory system does not encourage generators to have standby assets i.e. wind farms that only get used with it does not rain in the South Island.

The real problem in NZ is that lack of skilled infrastructure developers - people who find cost effective solutions and know how to work with the myriad of people who get involved in infrastructure projects - politicians, locals, regulators, customers, builders, lawyers, investors, banks etc. A good example of the lack of skills is the failure the Hawkes Bay Regional Council's to close the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme, having spent about $20m development costs.

Bring back the Ministry of Works and NZ Electricity Dept! At least they managed to get so much done until they were disbanded in the 80s.

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