Feb 6 • 13M

Tuesday's Dawn Chorus: The escape valve

PM Chris Hipkins to chat with Australian PM Anthony Albanese about fast-tracking full residency rights to NZers in Australia; Risk/hope is it'll open 'escape valve' wider for frustrated young renters

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Hipkins is doing the right thing for New Zealanders already living in Australia, but there’s now a growing risk of a fresh surge of net emigration of frustrated young Kiwis across the Tasman. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The Kākā

TLDR: Employers here in Aotearoa are desperate to keep their best-trained, most-productive and most-ambitious young workers on this side of the Tasman, but there’s a growing risk (or hope?) Australia’s move to give Kiwis living there full-and-fast residency rights could open the escape valve in our political economy even wider.

Now that post-housing-cost disposable incomes are much, much bigger in Australia than here because of the diversion in CBD rents in recent years, this begs the question of why employers and businesses in New Zealand are so quiet on the issue of housing affordability. It is the Achilles heel of NZ Inc.

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