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Dawn Chorus: TOP's tax switch pitch

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Dawn Chorus: TOP's tax switch pitch

TOP proposes 0.75% land-tax-for-income-tax switch focused on cutting tax under $15k and cancelling $2b of MSD debt; Nearly 20% of 'ghost home' owners expect to leave homes unused next year

TLDR: The Opportunities Party has proposed introducing a residential land tax to raise $6.35b that would be switched back to lower paid workers mostly by making the first $15,000 of income tax free and cancelling $2b of MSD debt.

Also in the news, a survey of 722 ‘ghost home’ owners found 10% deliberately left their properties empty. The survey also found nearly 20% of them expected their properties to be completely unused over the next year.

Photo: Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The Kākā

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