Nov 6 • 14M

Dawn Chorus: National/ACT could govern alone

Newshub poll shows National/ACT has enough support to govern alone as Labour and Adern sag; PM announces $47m/year for extra childcare for 10,000 kids; How much journos earn, and how 'left' they are

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Bernard Hickey
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TLDR: Newshub’s latest Reid Research poll last night showed National and ACT would have enough support to govern alone if an election was held now, although PM Jacinda Ardern said over the weekend any election would be later next year, rather than earlier.

The latest polls contained more bad news for Ardern. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The Kākā

Both Labour and Ardern fell sharply in the latest poll, although National Leader Christopher Luxon also fell a bit as preferred PM as he suggested oceanic absorption of carbon should be counted, in defiance or ignorance of conventional climate accounting logic.

Elsewhere in the news over the weekend and this morning:

  • another opinion poll showed climate change was now the second biggest concern for voters in Aotearoa-NZ behind the cost of living; NZME-Dynata

  • the COP27 conference began overnight with a focus on reparations to be paid by developed countries to developing countries hit hardest by climate change; CNBC and,

  • China clamped down late yesterday on any remaining talk it was about to abandon its zero-covid strategy, saying its policy was ‘unswerving.’ Politico

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National and ACT would govern alone in this poll

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