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Dawn Chorus: Human rights breached in housing crises

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Dawn Chorus: Human rights breached in housing crises

Human Rights Commission releases final report on breaches of human rights in housing; But new builds falling & FOMO is returning for home buyers; Carbon price hits $37/tonne on world's hottest day
The Human Rights Commission has six recommendations to hold Governments accountable for the state of housing in New Zealand. Meanwhile, the housing supply situation is worsening. Photo: Lynn Grieveson / The Kākā

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This morning, the Human Rights Commission has concluded in the final report from its landmark housing market study released this morning that the Government and others have breached our international human rights obligations in various ways in housing and it has recommended six actions to hold politicians and agencies accountable.

In other news in our politicial economy here and overseas

  • Pressure is intensifying on our under-invested health system with surgeries cancelled this week in Wellington and Christchurch’s 24-hour surgery closing last night for the first time ever.

  • Global temperatures hit a record high on average yesterday, but Aotearoa’s carbon price crashed to a two-year low of NZ$37/tonne last night because market confidence in the political will to limit emissions here has collapsed this year. That means our carbon price is way out of whack with prices in Europe, which were NZ$152/tonne last night.

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