Dawn Chorus: A moment of housing truth

Shock of 45 new Covid cases in Auckland expose the role of overcrowding and brutally expensive housing in outbreak; Faafoi offers residency chance to 165,000 stranded guest workers

TLDR & TLDL: Auckland’s housing catastrophe turned into a national health and economic tragedy yesterday in a single piece of news: a shock 45 new Covid cases that had spread in overcrowded homes and boarding houses in South Auckland.

Ashley Bloomfield was keen to reinforce that many of the 45 cases announced yesterday had been predicted (26 were household contacts of already known cases) but the mood of the country is turning. File Photo: Lynn Grieveson/The Kaka

It sounds like the death knell for the elimination strategy and now sets up an awful choice for Cabinet next Monday.

It could extend Auckland’s lockdown, and by extension the rest of the country, to stop the ‘long fat tail’ of cases morphing into a full blown epidemic of the unvaccinated among South Auckland’s still-unvaccinated hundreds of thousands. Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins acknowledged last night in this RNZ Checkpoint interview that Auckland City itself could be lowered to level two, but the borders around Auckland …

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