Did you know Saudi Arabia is buying Russian oil?

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Just learned it. Amazing isn’t it. What a world we live in.

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Hi Bernard

I'm getting in early for tomorrow's hoon, because two things have cropped up in my newsfeed today that I would like you and Mr Bale to discuss, if possible (and ask Prof Patman OR Dr Anne-Marie Brady about):

1 RNZ reports on unintended crime and security consequences of our FTA with China, (the audio is more florid than the text version);



2 David Seymour says something that sounds great but is really stupid in the light of item 1, as reported by Business Desk this morning:

Act party wants unilateral removal of tariffs to fight cost of living

In case you regard me as a complete ignoramus, I was International (Research) Relationships Manager at FRST in the mid-2000s. FRST was then the principal government science and technology research funder. That was the time when the China FTA was being negotiated, and I was struck by the naïvété of most of my scientist colleagues. MFAT was all in favour of more and deeper science relationships with what they call North Asia, but of the three countries, CJK, I regard J as benign (but sluggish) and K as mostly benign and pleasingly energetic. But C is hugely problematic - and that's not deep intel, that is simply from reading their publicly available technology strategy to 2025. The intel is more like the RNZ report.

Please mention to Mr Bale and line up your guest/s accordingly.

Thanks - Anne

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