It’s interesting that Peter Bale was name dropping Anthony Lowenstein. Based on Peters historical hoon commentary and the pathetic gaslighting of the ‘Hamas run Gazan Health Authority’ in this week’s hoon primer, I would place Peter fair and square into the Israeli Zionist terrorism camp. But Anthony Lowenstein has Israel pegged for what it is, an unconscionable murderous terrorist state trading off the inhumane subjugation and exploitation of the Palestinian people. An interesting dichotomy.

Israel is committing genocide and msm (and sympathetic apologists)is tying itself in knots trying to cover for it and congruently delegitimising themselves.

I trust Anthony Lowenstein’s journalism and hope NZ can consign any FTA aspirations with Israel to the dustbin.

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A shared sense of community and identity is crucial for any society to function healthily. But how can that happen in an economic system designed to plough money from the working class to the rich? Is vilifying the wealth hoarders the only way to stop everyday Kiwis attacking each other and to move forward as a country because these wealth hoarders have, through our political “leaders”, stopped us from fixing the inequality in our country?

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