Auckland to stay at level 4 until next Tuesday night, then provisionally down to 3; Rest of NZ to stay at level 2 until then too

PM Jacinda Ardern has announced Cabinet has decided to keep Auckland in level 4 Covid restrictions until next Tuesday night (11.59 Sept 21), and then provisionally to move down to level 3. She said the rest of New Zealand would stay at the current ‘Delta’ 2 restrictions until then as well, with a review for a possible reduction next Tuesday.

“We haven’t quite finished the job yet. We don’t want to risk the sacrifices everyone has made, and all the hard work you[ve put in by moving towards that level three too quickly,” Ardern told the post-cabinet news conference.

She said wage subsidy and resurgence payments would reopen for a third fortnight period from Friday for those businesses able to show a 30% revenue fall.

I’d welcome your thoughts on this decision, including expected and unexpected consequences.