Sitemap - 2020 - The Kākā by Bernard Hickey

ICYMI: 'A lack of competitive pressure'

A chorus: Racing to the bottom

ICYMI: Visa extension

Dawn chorus: A hard bounce

Dawn chorus: NZ interest bill 0.3% GDP

Dawn chorus: Ministerial pleas

Dawn chorus: Not so fast to reopen

Dawn chorus: Govt buying Ihumātao

Dawn chorus: No bubble before Feb

Dawn chorus: A container convoy

Dawn chorus: Rent affordability worsens

Dawn chorus: Could he have been stopped?

Dawn chorus: Pacific jobs probe

Dawn chorus: Tighter migration rules?

Dawn chorus: 'A range of views'

Roosting chorus: Emergency suggested

Dawn chorus: An insurance retreat

Roosting chorus: NZ backs Australia vs China

Will Labour hike the trust rate too?

Dawn chorus: Fastest rise in 16 yrs

Roosting chorus:499,649 young non-voters

Dawn chorus: The genie has bolted

Roosting chorus: China slaps Australia

Dawn chorus: Fruit picking concession

Roosting chorus: PM's climate emergency

Dawn chorus: Landlords ran rampant

Roosting chorus: DTIs are coming

Dawn chorus: Dow hits 30,000

Roosting chorus: Intervention staged

First scratch: ‘Stabilise house prices’

Dawn chorus: A third vaccine

Roosting chorus: The Harvey Norman effect

Q&A: Who is to blame for the housing crisis?

Dawn chorus: Goodfellow's 'temporary tyranny'

Roosting chorus: Powell resigns

Dawn chorus: China warns NZ

Roosting chorus: Nelson LIM fallout

Dawn chorus: Climate notes on LIMs

Roosting chorus: RBNZ embargo breach

Dawn chorus: Greens want 2030 car ban

Roosting chorus: Housing boom unleashes RBNZ debate

First scratch: National wants RBNZ to attach strings to FLP so banks lend to businesses

Dawn chorus: Cullen wants RBNZ reform

Roosting chorus: PM sees housing 'problem'

Morning chorus: Slowly, slowly does it

Roosting chorus: Whew. Just masks

Dawn chorus: Level change today?

Roosting chorus: 'Don't go in'

Dawn chorus: Buying frenzy fears

Roosting chorus: RBNZ to print, then restrict

First scratch: Cheap loans for banks

First scratch: RBNZ brings forward LVRs

Dawn chorus: More money printing

Roosting chorus: Deficit halves

Dawn chorus: No room at the Inn

Roosting chorus: Interest free for longer

Dawn chorus: New eras begin

Roosting chorus Friday Nov 6

Dawn chorus Friday November 6

Dawn chorus Thurs Nov 5

Dawn chorus Weds Nov 4

Roosting chorus Tues Nov 3

Dawn chorus Tues Nov 3

First scratch: Winners and losers in the new cabinet

Dawn chorus Monday Nov 2

Roosting chorus Friday Oct 30

Dawn chorus Thursday Oct 29

Roosting chorus Wednesday Oct 28

Dawn chorus Wednesday Oct 28

Landlord loan spree pumping up prices

Dawn chorus Tuesday Oct 27

Welcome to The Kākā

Roosting chorus for Thursday Oct 22

Dawn chorus Thursday Oct 22

Roosting chorus for Wednesday October 21

Dawn chorus Wednesday October 21

Roosting chorus Tuesday October 20

Dawn Chorus Tuesday October 20

RBNZ eyes its own digital currency

Dawn chorus Monday October 19

Dawn Chorus Thursday October 15

Dawn Chorus: Wednesday October 13

Dawn Chorus Tuesday October 13

Dawn chorus: Monday October 12

Roosting chorus Wednesday October 7

Dawn chorus October 7

Dawn Chorus Tuesday October 6

Roosting Chorus October 5

Dawn Chorus October 5

Aotearoa/New Zealand's political economy