Weekly Hoon: News Zealand over the horizon with Peter Bale and me

I talked with Peter Bale on Friday night about the week's events in geo-politics and the political economy, including

TLDR & TLDL: I had a ‘hoon’ with Peter Bale on Friday evening around the week’s events in geo-politics and our political economy. Unfortunately, we had some technical problems with the sound on our Friday afternoon webinar for subscribers to The Kākā. Peter and I had a chat afterwards and here’s the podcast above.

I’m sorry I didn’t get it up earlier. There was plenty of demand from subscribers. I took the weekend off work and will do my best to get these out Monday to Friday.

Peter and I do our regular weekly hoon at 4pm on a Friday. I’ll include the invite to a Zoom webinar in the Friday Dawn Chorus this week. I’m changing from WebinarJam back to Zoom. And I’ll ensure the podcast of the recording is put up on a Friday evening in future.

Many thanks for all the feedback from subscribers.

We spoke on Friday evening after Northland was put into level three lockdown, where it remains.


Here’s the rest of the topic list:

  • The end of the elimination strategy

  • The spread of Covid into the Waikato

  • T…

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