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Tuesday’s Chorus: When it's ok to borrow to invest

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Tuesday’s Chorus: When it's ok to borrow to invest

Auckland borrows to buy $12m land plot in Manurewa to stop houses being built on it; Brown says 'debt-funding this acquisition spreads the cost of a strategic investment across generations.'
Mayor Wayne Brown, a Northland land-banker himself, appears relaxed about borrowing to invest in land but not in, for example, transport infrastructure and services. File photo: Lynn Grieveson/Getty Images

TL;DR: You couldn’t make this stuff up.

A mayor determined to cut council debt by selling shares in a monopoly business because of the apparent financial stress of the public debt, has decided to borrow $11 million to buy one residential section in Manurewa for $12 million, just to stop houses being built on it. It will now sit in the Auckland Council land bank undeveloped for a decade.

The section is next to Manurewa’s Botanic Gardens and may eventually be publicly accessible as part of the park, but the acquisition by a land-banking Mayor (Wayne Brown) shows the double standard for borrowing and investing in Aotearoa: it’s ok to borrow for land to bank, but not to invest in a business or public infrastructure or house (without land).

It’s as if the investing practices of our land-owning gerontocracy based on leveraged and tax-free gains on residential land value inflation has become hardwired in as a conventional financial strategy for government. It's not just Wayne Brown. The Labour Government was comfortable with Kāinga Ora borrowing $2 billion in 2021 to buy land.

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It’s ok to borrow and invest for the future, but only for land

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