Dawn Chorus: 'Vaccine certificates for summer'

PM and Bloomfield positive about reopening for summer festivals with vaccine certificates and signal hospital system could cope if vaccination rate is over 90%; Watch for housing news

TLDR & TLDL: The summer’s music festivals and Christmas holiday travel within Aotearoa-NZ could go ahead with widespread use of vaccination certificates. Meanwhile, there’s also more hope any further delta outbreaks over the 90% vaccination threshold won’t be as dangerous as overseas and our hospitals could cope.

The Government is still dangling the hope that, with vaccination certificates and other measures, the ‘classic Kiwi summer’ complete with festivals could happen. Photo: Aranxa Esteve/Unsplash

Elsewhere overnight and this morning:

  • Power shortages across China forced factory closures because of coal and power shortages linked to emissions reductions orders (Reuters);

  • The oil price hit a three-year high as crude prices start chasing gas prices rising fast across Europe and Britain (Reuters);

  • Britain’s service stations ran out of fuel after panic buying linked to BP warning a lack of truck drivers meant over a third of its stations had run out;

  • Boris Johnson may call out the army and…

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