Nov 18, 2021 • 11M

Dawn Chorus: $5.4m/day in capital gains

CoreLogic finds $4.815b of capital gains made selling homes in 90 days to Sept 30; Median resale gain of $363k per home up 63% from 2020; Homes sold after 7 years of owning; 99.4% sold for a profit

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TLDR & TLDL: CoreLogic reports this morning that vendors made collective capital gains of $4.815b from the homes they sold in the September quarter, up 63% from the same quarter a year ago. Those homes were held for a median 7.1 years and 99.4% of sellers made a median profit of $363,000.

Kiwi homeowners have made massive tax free capital gains despite the shock of Covid. Photo: Lynn Grieveson/TheKaka

That might explain why a Sharesies survey has found almost a third of the renters it surveyed have now given up on ever owning a home, more than double the portion who had given up a year ago. (See more below the paywall fold)

Elsewhere in news breaking this morning:

  • The Govt is forecasting up to 2,300 Covid cases a day in the coming months;

  • Queenstown’s Mayor wants to reopen the Trans-Tasman bubble now;

  • the oil price fell sharply overnight because China and the US are set to release strategic oil reserves into the market, and tensions in Eastern Europe eased.

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This episode is for paid subscribers